The importance of correct attachment

To breastfeed effectively, your baby needs to be well positioned and attached to a good mouthful of breast.


  • Your baby`s whole body should be held close to you and turned towards you.
  • Instead of aiming the nipple at your baby`s mouth, start by placing the nipple just above the mouth, towards your baby`s nose.
  • Bring your baby on to the areola/breast tissue. Plant the lower lip first, well down on the areola, then roll your baby on, aiming the top lip just above the nipple.
  • Your baby`s chin should come in against your breast, leaving the nose clear. 
  • Your baby`s mouth should be wide open against your breast; the lips should not be pursed around your nipple.
  • When your baby is well attached, your nipple will avoid friction by being drawn deep into the mouth where it cannot be rubbed by the tongue or chewed.
  • If you have a problem or concern, seek skilled help. Don`t leave it too long. International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are health care providers who have made a special study of lactation and possess the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to facilitate breastfeeding. They usually work in hospitals, clinics or private practice.

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