Hamilton Skin Therapy

Hamilton Skin Therapy is a dermatologist recommended range that provides a complete solution for mild, moderate and severe dry and sensitive skin.

The Hamilton Skin Care range is only available through pharmacy. This specialist range is free from soaps, all sulphates, fragrances, propylene glycol and lanolin to minimise skin reactions even in the most sensitive skin.

How to prevent and manage dry and sensitive skin
There are many factors that contribute to dry and sensitive skin, mainly your lifestyle, skin care routine and any chronic dry skin conditions.

Lifestyle Changes
Here are some simple lifestyle changes that can have a big impact on your dry and sensitive skin.

  • Use warm instead of hot water when bathing or showering
  • Limit showers and baths to 15 minutes
  • Wear breathable fabrics like cotton
  • Wash clothes in a detergent that is free from irritants e.g. fragrances
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Apply an oil or cream after showering

Gentle Skin Care Routine
There are 2 golden rules to follow when it comes to caring for dry and sensitive skin.

1/ Cleanse your body and face with an irritant free wash
Washes free from sulphates, soaps, parabens, propylene glycol, fragrances and lanolin will ensure the most gentle cleansing for your skin’s needs.

2/ Moisturise everyday
Moisturising helps lock in moisture to improve the skin’s hydration, which in turn relieves and protects the skin. The more hydrated the skin the stronger the skin barrier is to protect against potential irritants e.g. allergens and bacteria.