Key has a long and successful history of managing other companies’ brands in Australia and New Zealand. Typically, this is based on an exclusive licence and distribution agreement which is adapted to the particular circumstances and requirements of the licensor. We have agreements in place with companies in USA, Europe and Asia as well as Australia, so we have experience in dealing with a variety of licensor requirements. Some of our relationships have been in place for 10 years, some much longer; our commitment is usually long term, as the objective of licensor and licensee is the long term success of the brand. Developing genuine and lasting business relationships is the cornerstone of our strategy for this part of our business.

Some of the brands we manage on behalf of others are market leaders as a result of our efforts, others have substantial market shares and some are in tough, highly competitive markets. Brands and businesses have different needs, and we have the flexibility, experience and business skills to tailor solutions which are appropriate to the particular situation.

We recognise that for you to put your trust in our services, you expect us to act as the custodian of your brand and to exercise a fiduciary responsibility in carrying out that function with integrity, responsibility and always mindful and respectful of your interests. What you can expect from us is

  • Commitment to delivering agreed upon objectives.
  • Determination to apply to the best of our ability the full range of our capabilities (see Capabilities section of website).
  • Comprehensive and detailed knowledge of our industry segments and key accounts.
  • Treatment of your brands as if they were our own.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your brand, please contact our Director of Business Development.

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