Company Overview

Key Pharmaceuticals is an Australian owned and operated private company. Most of our products are therapeutic goods designed to improve health, well being, vitality and physical appearance; we also market home use diagnostics. The business was established in 1901 by two families, and eventually became known as Key Pharmaceuticals in 1985. Following many years of rapid growth, Key is now one of the leading Australian companies in the field of Over the Counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals.

Starting out as an importer and representative of overseas companies, Key is today involved in a full range of brand management activities from research and product development through to marketing, sales and export. The majority of Key’s brands are owned by the company. At the same time, Key retains exclusive licence and distribution arrangements with companies in the USA, Europe, Asia as well as Australia. Some of these relationships have been in place for decades and in-licensed products represent an important and valued part of Key’s business. It is a core part of Key’s strategy to balance its own products with in-licensed and exclusive distribution brands.

Nearly all of the company’s products have therapeutic or diagnostic value, and have undergone regulatory evaluation and approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). A core commitment of the company is to offer safe and effective products which provide quality and value to our consumers and customers. Key’s products are available in most Australian and New Zealand pharmacies and some are available in supermarkets, variety and convenience stores, health food shops as well as specialised outlets such as hospitals.

The TGA licenses the company’s activities in packaging, warehousing and releasing products for sale, and audits these activities to GMP standards. As a further indication of Key’s commitment to quality, the company also has Standards Australia accreditation to ISO 9001 (management systems), and TGA accreditation to ISO 13485 (devices).

Key is also a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant.

Key operates from a Key Group owned facility located in a business park about 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD.

An important social responsibility initiative in place since 2002 is the funding of the Key Foundation, which provides financial assistance to a variety of charities, principally in the areas of youth support and medical research.

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