The focus of our marketing activity is the building and management of brands. Our decades long experience and brand portfolio diversity (refer to the Our Brands section) ensure that we have expertise and skills across the whole of the marketing mix. It is on this basis that we are constantly making judgements about the support requirements for each of our brands, and potential new ones, to deliver the right mix of priority effort, resources, knowledge and creativity to ensure effective competitiveness and market performance.

We manage brands: 

  • Ranging from small to quite large in the OTC market – from annual sales of around $100,000 up to $10 million.
  • Which are highly differentiated with unique formulations to generic products requiring a different competitive approach.
  • With demand driven primarily by consumers, but also brands with demand driven by medical recommendation and by pharmacist recommendation.
  • Which are strictly behind the pharmacy counter, to pharmacy only brands, through to open seller brands in grocery and convenience stores, as well as pharmacies.
  • Where the majority of the support effort is in the trade to brands with a broad spectrum of support including direct mail, advertising on TV, in print media and also the internet, as well public relations.
  • With very modest marketing support expenditures to brands with a high level of marketing spend.

We do not manage our brands using a formula. Rather, we rely on careful analysis and judgement to determine the appropriate requirements in each individual case. We ensure that all of our brands, no matter how big or small, and whether Key owned or in-licensed, are subjected to the same marketing disciplines to provide the maximum prospects for success in today’s competitive environment.

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